LidoFlex Lidocaine Pain Patch


The revolutionary LidoFlex Pain Relief Patch is setting a new industry standard in delivering targeted temporary pain relief.  It contains 4% Lidocaine, the highest percentage currently available without a prescription.  Available in six shapes and sizes to treat anywhere you have pain.  Sold in packs of 5 or 20.  Buy more and save!

For the most effective pain relief please review application instructions (PDF)

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No prescription required!

Try the brand new revolutionary LidoFlex pain relieving patch for targeted, consistent pain relief.  With 4% of lidocaine, the LidoFlex patch currently contains the highest percentage available on the market without a prescription.

Ease of Use

The LidoFlex patch is easily applied, cut to the exact size needed and stays securely in place under clothes and in water.    Unique form fitting, extremity specific shapes. Perfect for active people as LidoFlex maintains its form and adhesion over the pain site.  Waterproof.

Targeted Usage

The LidoFlex design effectively targets the specific pain area through deliberate and localized delivery of lidocaine.  The result is a consistent, isolated effect that delivers a cooling sensation, followed by penetrating relief.   LidoFlex provides the same delivery of medication each time as compared to ointments.  Non-habit forming, non-systemic pain relief without opiods.

Flexible and Versatile

LidoFlex is easy to apply due to the six different shapes and sizes available.  It can be applied to the knee, shoulder, back, neck, elbow, finger or heel or anywhere else you are experiencing pain through the versatile flex strip application.

For the average user, delivers 8-10 hours of targeted pain relief.

Instructions for Use

• Use patch that is specific to your treatment area.  The Flex Strip patch works well on smaller treatment areas as wrist, shin, finger, foot.
• Remove excess hair from treatment site.
• Clean area with warm soap and water and dry thoroughly.
• Do not use lotions, oils or powders on treatment site prior to application.
• Remove protective liner and apply to treatment site, minimizing wrinkles.
• Apply pressure as the adhesive is heat and pressure activated.
• May take up to one hour to feel relief.
• Do not leave patch on longer than 12 hours.

Buy in packs of 20 and save!

LidoFlex Pain Relief Patch


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