Pro Roller Soft – Pink Marble


The OPTP Pro-Roller Soft is a professional quality foam roller that offers comfortable support with softer compression than standard foam rollers.

6” x 36” – Pink Marble



Pro Roller Soft – Pink Marble

The OPTP Pro-Roller Soft offers comfortable support and is gentle on tight or rigid areas making it ideal for lying supine, yet functional enough for gentle massage rolling. The soft compression also creates a more stable environment for high-risk users so that exercises are easier than on other rollers that are traditionally more firm. Perfect for gentle self-massage, exercise and relaxation techniques.

Professional quality foam roller designed for heavy and repeated use. Cross linked, closed-cell construction.

Easily cleaned using a disinfecting wipe, or a wet cloth with dishwashing or laundry detergent.

6” x 36”

Pink Marble

Pro Roller Soft- Pink (OPTPSFR36)

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Weight 10 lbs


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