Citrus II Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner


Ready-to-use formula that disinfects, cleans and deodorizes without the use of toxic chemicals such as phenols, glutaraldehydes and harsh alcohols.   Safe on all vinyls and naugahyde tables and surfaces.  Fresh citrus fragrance.




Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner disinfects and deodorizes leaving a clean citrus scent behind. It is effective in killing a broad range of microbes including TB, HIV-1, staphylococcus aureus (including MRSA), VRE, salmonella, Hepatitis B and C, E. coli, mold and more.  Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner is an excellent choice for veterinarian offices, physical therapy clinics, chiropractors and school clinics, as well as hospitals.
Features and Specifications:
• Non-alcohol formula
• Multi-use formula (disinfects, germicidal cleaner, bactericide, fungicide and virucide)
• Effective against mold and mildew
• Residual biocide action
• EPA-registered
• Safe on vinyl and naugahyde
• Non-acidic, non-corrosive and non-staining
• Cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects surfaces, equipment, and non-critical instruments.
• A broad spectrum germicidal cleaner, effective as a bactericide, fungicide, and viruscide
• Ready-to-use; no inconvenient mixing, dilution, or activation required as with concentrates.
• Refreshing citrus scent keeps the facility smelling clean and fresh.

Citrus II Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner

22 oz. Spray (026532)
1 Gallon Refill Bottle (026533)

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Gallon, 22 oz Spray


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