K-Tape® Kinesiology Tape


K-Tape® Kinesiology Tape is water resistant, breathable and non-allergenic.  The clinically proven wave pattern and physiobond adhesive enable effective wear up to 7 days, one of the longest wear tapes on the market. Made from single source, high quality cotton and elastane thread for product consistency from roll to roll.  K-Tape® is made with only the safest dyes certified for baby clothing, so gentle on the skin.

Strong adhesive, long lasting, and great value!  Try with the Pre-K Gel for even better adhesion.

Available in box of 4 single rolls or in a cost saving bulk roll.





K-Tape® Kinesiology Tape

New to the USA, K-Tape® Kinesiology tape has been the first choice for international sports teams and physiotherapists to treat and prevent a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries as well as inflammatory conditions. Made from single source, high quality cotton and elastane thread for product consistency, K-Tape® provides comfortable wear for up to 7 days. K-Tape® is breathable and water resistant with no limitations on swimming, showering or sport activities. A high quality tape at a great value!

Use with Pre-K Gel for optimal skin preparation and adhesion.

Features & Benefits of K-Tape®:

  • Elastane thread of the highest quality for consistent elasticity, equivalent to the human muscle.
  • Strict manufacturing quality control from single sourced premium cotton for clean, straight cuts and better adhesion during wear.
  • Physiobond Adhesive applied in a clinically proven wave pattern enables K-Tape® to adhere effectively for up to 7 days without skin irritation.
  • Breathable, Water Resistant and Non-Allergenic. Fabric dyes are certified non-toxic and same as used in baby clothing.
  • 10% Pre-Stretch enables K-Tape® to be pulled off the backing paper with the ideal amount of tension. Its handling feels the same every time you use it.
  • Backing paper with correctly oriented fibers for reliable functionality and stability.
  • K-Tape® is produced using Sustainable Practices to prevent production and packaging waste, conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Outer packaging consists of paper and cardboard; no plastic materials are used in the tape rolls.

Available in a Box of 4, 2”x16.4’ rolls or single 2”x 72.2’ roll.
4 colors to choose from-  Red, Blue, Beige and Black

Item Numbers:

2”x 16.4’; Red, Box of 4 #K100101
2”x 16.4’; Blue, Box of 4 #K100102
2”x 16.4’; Beige, Box of 4 #K100103
2”x 16.4’; Black, Box of 4 #K100104
2”x 16.4’; Assorted (1 each color), Box of 4 #K100145
2”x 72.2’; Red, XXL #K100161
2”x 72.2’; Blue, XXL #K100162
2”x 72.2’; Beige, XXL #K100163
2”x 72.2’; Black,  XXL#K100164
2”x 16.4’; Red Single Roll #K101
2”x 16.4’; Blue Single Roll #K102
2”x 16.4’; Beige Single Roll #K103
2”x 16.4’; Black Single Roll #K104
Pre-K Gel; 85ml (aprox 3oz) #K603300-1



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