Sup-R Band Latex Free Exercise Band

Sup-R Band Latex Free Exercise Band


Sup-R Band by the makers of CanDo Exercise band is the Latex Free band that performs like latex!

Completely Powder-Less and Textured for Easy Gripping. Available in 50 yard box or Dispenser box of 5′ pre-cut singles.




Sup-R Band Latex Free Exercise Band

Sup-R Band is the Latex Free band that performs like latex. Sup-R Band has the same force to stretch and contract as TheraBand latex band and is sold in the traditional TheraBand colors. Why stock both latex and latex free band? Sup-R Band® saves you money and avoids the risk of confusion. Completely powderless and textured for easy gripping.  Sup-R Band is the only band your clinic will ever need.

50 Yard Roll

Yellow Level 1 x-light FAB106321
Red Level 2 light FAB106322
Green Level 3 medium FAB106323
Blue Level 4 heavy FAB106324
Black Level 5 x-heavy FAB106325
Silver Level 6 super heavy FAB106326
Gold Level 7 max FAB106327


5′ Dispenser Box of 30

Yellow Level 1 x-light FAB106371
Red Level 2 light FAB106372
Green Level 3 medium FAB106373
Blue Level 4 heavy FAB106374
Black Level 5 x-heavy FAB106375

From the makers of CanDo® Exercise Band


Additional information

Weight N/A

50 yard roll, 5' Singles Box/30, 5' Single Band


Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold


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