Transparent Plastic Goniometers


A staple for all physical therapists.  Allows observation of joint axis and measures range of motion. Linear readings in inches and centimeters.


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The Baseline Clear Plastic Goniometer is a tool no physical therapist will want to leave home without.   It permits the therapist’s observation of joint axis and measurement of range of motion with linear readings.   Clear plastic construction with black numbers. Hi-resolution.  Available in 6”, 8” or 12” sizes.


Transparent Plastic Goniometers

6″; 180 degree Goniometer (060001)
6″; 360 degree Goniometer (060002)
8″; 360 degree Goniometer (060003)
12″; 360 degree Goniometer (060004)
6″; 360 degree Rulongmeter Gonimeter (FE121006)

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6"; 180 degree, 6"; 360 degree, 8"; 360 degree, 12"; 360 degree, 6"; 360* Rulongmeter


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